Vision & Mission


Tx Institute is founded on the desire to contribute to the global state of art and design industries by providing technical training and practice to students pursuing artistic disciplines. Our programs are intended for entrepreneurial creative individuals focused on learning the entire process from design to fabrication.  As the use of digital technology increases, creative individuals must learn mechanical skills as well as computer skills in order to become self-sustaining and productive. This combined  knowledge will provide the creative student with the tools to develop and facilitate their own vision.


The ability to take an active role in one’s own vision, from the creative to the “execution”, is empowering.   The U.S. needs to return to the development of educational facilities that support technical training that will lead to increased production and a self-sustaining economy.  Technical skills are fundamental to job growth and  the future of the art and design related fields, as well as the integration of these concepts into traditionally non-textile driven industries.