Terms and Conditions


The student or member understands that TX Institute is not liable for any bodily injuries or damages that any student or member may sustain as a result of participating in any class, workshop, or program in or around The TX Institute property. TX Institute is not liable for any bodily injuries or damages that any student or member may sustain as a result of using any machine or equipment owned by or used in or around the TX Institute property. TX Institute is not liable for any damage, loss or theft incurred to personal property and/or equipment brought into the TX Institute.

The student and/or member understands that by:

Becoming a member or student of TX Institute; participating in classes, events and/or workshops, In addition, using The TX Institute facilities, tools, shops and machines. The student and/or member must adhere and agree to all TX Institute’s policies.

The student and/or member understands and agrees to take on full responsibility for any risks, damages, injuries, known or unknown, to bodily and/or personal property, which the student and/or member might incur. The student and/or member also agree to voluntarily waive any claim that the student and/or member, their heirs, or legal representatives may have against TX Institute, it’s instructors, staff, or owners for any damage, damages, injuries, known or unknown, incurred bodily and/or/on personal property. The student and/or member understands the use or possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is considered reckless endangerment by their person and is not allowed in the TX Institute, studios, or classes under any circumstances, a violation resulting in the student and/or member’s removal from the premises by the TX Institute staff. The student and/or member understands that all storage of personal property, either brought in from the outside or created at TX Institute by the student and/or member is the student/member’s exclusive responsibility, and that such said storage is not gratuitous and is subject to approval by TX Institute’s authorized personnel. The student and/or member understands that TX Institute retains the right to revoke membership at any time, with TX Institute management’s own discretion and with no refund.


The member shall provide a valid credit card to TX Institute.  TX Institute automatically deducts membership dues from the credit card the member provides. A $25 service charge will be imposed for bounced or late payments.

Memberships are billed through automatic payment each month on the same day as the Membership Start Date.

All Memberships require a Security Deposit equal to the Total Monthly Amount Due of the Membership and all add-ons. Security deposits are due upon signing and will be returned within 30 days of the last day of membership.

No membership cancellations will be honored before the minimum commitment has been satisfied, and no refunds will be issued once the Membership Agreement has been executed. All Members must complete the full membership term they indicated in the Membership Agreement or through selection online. Upon completion of the terms of the Membership, the Membership will go into month-to-month status, monthly billing will continue, and the member will be eligible to cancel at any time.

All Membership cancellations must be received by email to 338 West 39th St NYC, NY 10018 at least 1 day prior to desired final membership bill date; at which point the member’s last month of membership will begin.


The student and/or member’s consent that the TX Institute has full and unrestricted publishing and use rights for any photographs / video’s taken on the TX Institute Institute’s property and/or activities by TX Institute’s employees in which my image or any of my materials, art or person, except in the case of children, either brought in or created/generated/digitized or produced at TX Institute. The student or members hereby releases, discharges, and agrees to hold harmless TX Institute from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking of said picture or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including without limitation any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

By accepting our policies at registration, the student and/or member give TX Institute the right to use images of them or their work for publicity, promotional and marketing materials. The student or member name will never be used, unless we specifically ask for your permission.


The TX Institute is an 18 and over facility. I agree to provide one (1) piece of official state or government issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID or a passport to confirm identity and age. I hereby verify on this day that I am at least 18 years of age, and agree to provide any necessary identification to TX Institute upon request.

General Facility Use

As a member or students of the TX Institute you may be entitled to free or discounted rates on TX Institute classes as detailed in your specific membership or student package. As a member or student, you are exclusively entitled to use of our shared workspaces, pending safety approval by management. These policies are in place to ensure fair access for all members and students to our facilities. Failure to abide by these policies may result in termination of membership or withdrawal by the TX Institute employee’s, instructors and or management. All the TX Institute space and machines must be kept orderly and neat. If you are using the equipment, computers in the TX Institute facilities must be operated with proper care. Please make sure all equipment and tools are returned to the same state as it was presented. If you have any problems or questions, please notify the TX Institute’s staff immediately. Failure to follow guidelines and procedures may result in the user being held responsible for replacement cost and labor cost of damaged TX Institute property and/or equipment.

General Guidelines

All users of the TX Institute’s space, studio, equipment and tools must sign a liability waiver.

In order to access the TX Institute’s space, studio, equipment and tools, all users must first meet with TX Institute manager and take Intro to machine series (or have it waived by the manager).

All users of TX Institute’s premises, equipment and tools are responsible for their own safety. The TX Institute will not be held liable or responsible for any injury sustained by using the TX Institute’s space, studio, equipment and tools.

Shared storage is available on a first come, first serve basis. This storage is provided for members only. All material stored in these areas must be clearly labeled with member’s full name and date. All material storage must be reserved ahead of time and carries a small reservation fee.

TX Institute will maintain machines to be in working order. If at any time you notice the machines are not functioning properly, please contact the TX Institute staff directly.

When using any of TX Institute machines or facilities, the user must return machines and facility to the state they were found.

Under no circumstances can a TX Institute student or member store any items in the shared space of the shop without receiving prior consent from the TX Institute.

Storage is a service offered for a daily or monthly fee, all materials and works in progress must and appropriately labeled and pre-approved by TX Institute Manager

All materials and works in progress in TX Institute must be labeled. All labels must contained full name, phone number, move date and must be legible. All non or partially labeled projects/materials will be removed from the premises immediately.

The TX Institute is not responsible for any damage to works in progress or material stored in its premises.

The TX Institute staff will be present as observers for safety and maintenance but not for assistance. If you are on a deadline and need assistance, please speak with the instructor or staff to workout an arrangement for a fee.

Class Rules + Regulations

With your class registration comes the ability to use the TX Institute’s facilities and equipment for time to work on class projects outside of class. These times are listed on our website calendar and you must follow the sign-up policies in order to use the facilities. Students are only entitled to use the studio free of charge for the duration of the course, and for project directly related to class material.

Classes start and end promptly. You will be asked to begin clean up 15 minutes prior to class end time. Please do not show up more than 10 minutes early for class — you may not start work on projects until class time has begun.

If you have scheduled to meet with your instructor regarding your class outside of class time, you must notify the TX Institute’s for approval.

All work will be discarded if not claimed within one week of your class end date.

Discounts + Coupons

All discounts and coupons are nontransferable, limited to single use, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer.