Business & Marketing

Participants in the Business and Marketing Series will gain practical business knowledge, prepare materials and gain expertise in vital skills needed to compete in fashion and related industries.

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BM101 Identifying Market Opportunities

It’s one thing to create an amazing product or service and another to bring it to today’s crowded market place. Starting with careful research will help you maximize your effort, and help avoid costly mistakes.  We will cover a wide-range of market positioning research including:

• How to identify direct and indirect competition.

• How to identify your core audience and address their needs.

• How to identify target retailers, partnerships, and other distribution opportunities.

• How cost and price points affect marketing.

Armed with this research, we will then review how to evaluate this information in order to craft opportunities for your brand.

You will leave with actionable steps to help you find your brand’s unique voice so that you can create targeted promotions and outreach moving forward.

The conversations and key insights established here will be building blocks for the class “Creating a Brand Identity” and “Promotional Outreach,” although this class is not a prerequisite.

BM102 Creating a Brand Identity

How does one create a logo for their brand?

Is a logo all one needs to build a brand?

What can and does a logo say about a brand?

Whether you work with a creative professional, or creating your own brand identity yourself, evaluating creative work tends to be a messy, subjective process. In this session we will explore how to turn subjective emotions into objective ways of assessing whether your branding materials convey the right messaging for your brand.

You will leave this session with actionable steps for turning your objectives into creative solutions.

This class will focus on creative and marketing strategies to help your brand succeed. We will not cover how to use any design software tools.

BM103 Promotional Outreach

Once you’ve built a great brand and have a great product/service offering, how do you tell the world about it? Choosing the right outreach strategy is an important part of building a brand.

We will cover a wide range of topics including:

• Marketing directly to consumers vs. retailers

• The essential 4 tools every brand needs for promotions

• The pros and cons of launching your own e-commerce site

• The pros and cons of search engine optimization

• When and how to use social media

• When and where to advertise

• What your choice of promotions says about your brand

This class will focus on marketing and promotional opportunities you can create and generate by yourself, no PR teams required!

You will leave this session with actionable steps towards creating your own promotional tools and creating the right promotional mix.