• Gc201

Garment Construction

In the Garment Construction Series, students will learn techniques, practice them and accumulate knowledge and experience in pattern making, seams, sewing, the operation and mastery of industrial machinery as well as become fluent in the language of the fashion designer.

Limited to 10 Students per session.

Book the sessions  or combinations of your interest.

Pattern Making

GC201 Basic Sloper: Bodice

Workshop Objectives:

  • Preparing the muslin for draping
  • Draping the front and back bodice
  • Pinning and marking the bodice
  • Transferring the muslin onto paper
  • Truing the seams
  • Cutting a new muslin for fit

GC202 Basic Sloper:  Dress

Workshop Objectives:

  • Preparing the Muslin for draping
  • Draping the front and back Dress
  • Pinning and marking the Dress
  • Transferring onto paper
  • Truing the seams
  • Cutting a new muslin for fit
  • Fixing the fit and the paper pattern

GC210 Basic Sloper: Pant

Workshop Objectives:

  • Drafting a pant sloper on paper
  • Cutting pant in muslin and correcting the fit
  • Perfecting the fit with a second muslin
  • Establish basic leg fits on paper: Boot, Stove Top, Relax Fit, Slim, Skinny

GC101 Machines & SeamsWorkshop Objectives:

Workshop Objectives:

  • Tools and Supplies
  • Major Parts and Functions of Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Straight &Curved Lines
  • Indicating different seam allowances
  • Hong Kong Binding & Double-Stitch and Trim
  • Open Seam / Turn Edge Stitch Finish
  • Self Bound / French Seam
  • Bias-Bound & Flat Felled Seam Finish
  • Hand Catch & Slip Stitch
  • Baby & Overlock Hem

GC103 Dressing It! Making a Dress

Workshop Objectives:

  • Waistband
  • Darts and waist tucks
  • Pockets/ facing
  • Side slits
  • Invisible zipper
  • Complete sample Dress

GC104 Blouse or Menswear Shirt

 Workshop Objectives:

  • Convertible collar
  • Button down frontYoke with top stitch seam
  • Welt seam arm holes
  • Patch pockets with flap
  • French side seams
  • Cuffs or french cuffs
  • 1/4” + 1/4” bend back curved hem
  • Complete front and back of sample blouse

GC105 Dress Pant or Jeans

Workshop Objectives:

  • Side Pockets (Western Pockets)
  • Pleated Front – or Yoke Back
  • Fly Front Zipper
  • Welt Seam Inseam
  • Blind Hem – or 1/2” + 1/2” Bend Back Hem