Tools and Supplies:

Pencil for drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Plastic Eraser
Eraser Shield
Drawing Paper
Plastic Ruler (Quilting Ruler)
Magazine Pictures (full body poses)


GC301 The Female Body (Vocabulary & Proportions)

Workshop Objectives:

  • Fine Art Proportions
  • Medical Body Proportions
  • What we see as to what we are
  • Fashion Proportions
  • Seeing body shapes in the Magazine Pictures


GC302 The Female Body 9 Heads Proportions

Workshop Objectives:

  • Drawing the body shapes
  • Drawing the fashion body shape
  • Including bones and muscles
  • Learning how to turn the silhouette of  the body into a back view

GC303 Moving the Body and Posing the Figure

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learning how to move the arms up and down from the body.
  • Bending the elbow to create natural looking poses.
  • Bending the bodice to create dynamic poses while not distorting the garment.
  • Keeping the proportions in tack while moving things.
  • Making sure the feet and legs move naturally.
  • Placing the knees in the right directions.
  • Keeping the imaginary “Gravity Line” between the feet.
  • Positioning feet to keep the figure from falling.

GC304 Faces & Heads

Workshop Objectives:

  • The proportion of the head – ears, nose eyes, mouth…
  • Moving the head in different angles.
  • Giving LIFE t the eyes.
  • The mouth – adding breath to the lips.
  • Hair – suggestions of a style (we are not the doing the hair).
  • Light make-up to give your figure attitude and personality.
  • Accessories – just enough to add to the figure bit not dominate it.


GC305 Hands & Feet

Workshop Objectives:

  • The Hand – all 5 fingers.
  • Placing the hands and not breaking them.
  • Moving fingers and still looking like a hand.
  • Rotating the feet to support the figure.
  • Adding shoes (flats and heals of all heights).
  • Accessories to add personality and character that do not overpower the figure.
  • Building a library of shoes and hands to use for yourself.