Art School Portfolio Workshops Series


Have you ever wondered what a fashion college is looking for in your portfolio presentation? Let Tx Institute guide you throw this with their 3 part workshop where you are exposed to the details and techniques to help increase your acceptance into the school of your choice.

  • The Fashion Figure- Weather it’s Menswear or Womans wear, there is a figure with specific proportions that will be discussed and explored.  Moving the figure to show off your creation is also demonstrated.
  • Marker & Pencil Rendering- Adding color to your figure is done throw the use of markers.  Different fabrics are rendered differently; weaves and textures are added with the use of color pencils.  Shading is also introduced to create a 3D effect.
  • Boards (Color, Fabric, & Inspiration)-Boards are used in the Fashion industry to represent color stories, fabric trends, inspirations, and trims.  From selecting the items to be used, to laying out and telling a story visually…  The final workshop exposes students to different layout formats to help tell a visual story using their Fashion Figures & Boards.


GC401 Mood Board

  • Theme – Season
  • Colors (Named)– Ideas
  • Fabrics (colors for each offered)
  • Look for Pics – Images
  • Think Life-Style
  • Presentation Format?
  • Ultimate Use (Need) for the board


 GC402 Fabric Board

  • Theme – Season
  • Colors – Ideas
  • All the Fabrics you are using
  • Each fabric – Colors offered
  • Fiber Content for ALL FABRICS!  Also Made In info
  • Name your fabrics – also Name your Colors
  • Images to make you want to wear the fabrics/collection


GC403 Figures

  • What it feels like to wear the collection…
  • Ideas – Target Market
  • Life Style
  • Merchandise your line
  • Use figures to show…  Colors/Fit/
  • ProportionsThe Layout, How and Why?

GC404 Flats (Line Sheet)

  • Keep with your Theme – Target Market
  • Why they are VERY Important
  • What they should look like & How to fix!
  • Scale – Proportion…  Truly flat or with movement?
  • Arranging them… Category/Fabrication/Outfits




  • Lawrence Pizzi is still my favorite teacher. He is a straight shooter, and took a very difficult subject for me, and found creative ways to help me learn it. I was never around Mr. Pizzi and didn't learn something from his wealth of industry knowledge!
    Nicole Najmah Abraham
  • I stayed fascinated by the embellishment that could be done with the embroidery machine. The garment is not even done, and the embellished fabric is already beautiful.
    Mercedes Infante, Sewer and Pattern-Maker
  • This workshop was excellent, I loved it.
    Yiu Suzan, Production Manager
  • The course was excellent, it was fun! I was really excited.I have never been taught embroidery before. Samanta’s teaching style is enjoyable and easy to understand. Now, I am looking forward to the advanced level course.
    Choi Yingi Chan, Pattern Maker
  • "I was amazed with the extensive library of embellishments. I am skilled in hand embroidery techniques but this workshop was brilliant. What you can do with machine embroidery it’s a dream, it is faster, you can save time and the several combinations you can do is fantastic. It is the first time that I attend this type of course, and it was needed in the industry."
    Julia Huamman, Pattern Maker and Sewer