In the Design Software Series, participants will learn leading embroidery and design software used throughout the fashion and textile design industry on both introductory and advanced levels.

Limited to 10 Students per session.

Pointcarre Print Design I

Have you ever taken a photograph and thought it would make a lovely textile pattern for a cushion cover? Or do you have a scrap of fabric from an old garment that you wish you could recreate? Bring in your photographs and scans of drawings or fabrics and in 2 hours, we can walk you through the process of turning it into a ready to print textile pattern.

  • Color reducing a digital pattern. Original can be a photograph, drawing, swatch of fabric.
  • Cleaning the pattern to remove extra pixels and noise.
  • Putting pattern in repeat and creating various layouts.

Pointcarre Print Design II

Take your textiles pattern to the next step. Create colorways, co-ordinating patterns or choose from our library of textures to create the look of myriad textured substrates like coarse linen or velvet fabric to give your prints dimension!

  • Creating multiple colorways from a single pattern
  • Creating co-ordinate patterns
  • Applying textures and Shades