Understanding the steps it take to create your masterpiece
High-Tech Manufactoring Expands Creativity
Promotes advancements in technology, machinery and innovative designs & embellishments.
Technical Training for Industry Professionals
Offers support services to textile, fashion and art professionals, entrepreneurs and hobbyists through intensive workshops, seminars and events.
High-Tech Maufactoring
Upgrade your skills while you learn designing for the future.
Learn the equipment that creates your fabric.

Tx Workshops

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See the link for videos on factories, tradeshows and equipment.

"Designer must know"

Press & Speaking Engagements

"Life in the Garment Center" Stitches

In the fashion capital of the world, New York City's famed Garment Center has been a driving force for years.

The Art of Textile Embellishment; a Visit with Fashion Design Concepts in NYC

Textile embellishment is an art form and a skill and should not (cannot!) be taken on by a amateur.

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